Students share about Campus Life with Peers

July 26, 2021


Student’s share about Campus Life with Peers

Leave it to the students to say it best!

This year God has continued to give us favor in the lives of many lost students every week. As we engage with students in the lunchroom we get to have lots of interesting conversations. As we gain trust with students we invite them to Campus Life. They proceed to ask us questions–

“Do you talk about God there?”, “Do I have to be a Christian?”, “What do you even do?”

We do not hide from these questions as we are not ashamed of Jesus. The other day I answered the God question with, “yes we do talk about God,” but then I asked two other students who have been to Campus Life to explain what it is like. They quickly spoke up and explained how we do talk about God, but not in a scary way or with pressure. They described it better than I could have in their own words. This student who asked the question proceeded to explain how she did not believe there was any point in religion or God, but that she would come to Campus Life. I always walk away from these conversations with a smile as I see and feel the Spirit working and drawing these lost students to Himself! This was just one of many conversations that happen in the lunchroom.