From Death to Life

July 6, 2021


Many of the students we serve struggle with depression. They have experienced things that no one should ever have to experience. One such student bravely shared with his director that he had experienced a suffocatingly dark season his freshman year. It got to the point where he decided that life was not worth it anymore. As he continued to open up to his YFC director, he shared the heartwrenching moment when he walked into his room one night, ready to complete suicide. But God has something else planned. As he walked into his room, he saw a cross hanging on the wall and immediately broke down in tears.

“That night,” he described, “Jesus literally saved my life.”

He did not know a lot about Jesus, but he knew Jesus saved him.

As the student, now a junior in high school, and the YFC director continued their conversation, they discussed the power of the Gospel. After the conversation, he said that the Jesus they had been talking about was the One who saved him his freshman year. He then made the choice to make Jesus his King! The Lord is powerful and good!

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