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Choosing Life

May 10, 2021


Choosing Life

WMYFC’s Parent Life Director, Dawn Corona, shares why she is deeply passionate about Parent Life.

While teen pregnancy has declined over the last few decades, I wonder if it’s because fewer teens have become pregnant or more have had abortions. My passion is not so much to stop teen pregnancy but to prevent abortion. My hope is that once our youth fall in love with Jesus that they will find their value and live a life that glorifies Him, first and foremost!

My passion for this is deep because as a young teen, I experienced an unplanned pregnancy that resulted in an abortion. Our church was critical and religious, not a place you could go with a teenager who is pregnant. Quite frankly, back then, I am not sure where you could go. The decision was made very quickly and without much education about the baby or how abortion may affect the rest of my life.
What if my parents could have brought me to my church instead of an abortion clinic?  Our lives would have forever been different.
While this question has played on repeat in my mind for years, I have been encouraged by so many churches that we have partnered with who are walking alongside families in this situation. And I hope to encourage all church leaders to be loving and open to families navigating teen pregnancy. It could change the trajectory of a teen’s life.
Several years after my abortion, I discovered a recovery group and realized I had wounds in need of healing.  I am so thankful for the healing power of Jesus.  Since that time, I have felt called to walk alongside young women (and men) who are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy.  God can and will provide a way for you to choose life.  My passion is to honor young people for choosing life in difficult situations and to be a resource and a loving adult in their life.
Parent Life partners with local churches and organizations to provide mentorship, resources, and care for expectant and teen parents. If you would like more information or to get involved, please contact info@wmyfc.org.