The Positive Effects of Mentoring

December 17, 2021


According to a recent report called “The Mentoring Effect: Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring,” more than one in three young people never had an adult mentor of any kind (structured or naturally occurring) while growing up.


That’s an estimated 16 million kids.


The report also says that mentoring relationships have been proven to have powerful effects in personal, academic, and professional areas of young people’s lives.


West Michigan Youth for Christ is helping develop ongoing mentoring relationships for young people, many of whom are one of those 16 million kids who’ve never had an adult mentor in their lives. Executive Director, Dan Kregel, says:

“We believe in the power of relationships.  We see lives transformed when a leader enters the world of a teen and walk with them in a mentoring relationship.  Each person experience their true worth as they walk with someone who cares, listens and encourages them through the challenges of being a teenager.”

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