“Michael’s” Story

6/25/2018 in Category Dan Kregel's Blog

“Michael’s” Story

   "I will always be looking out for you!"

   "Well you won't be able to find me... because I'm gonna hide."

   "It really doesn't matter, I'll still look out for... More


2/6/2018 in Category

Fill in the blank. Most of us would rather get something handed to us for free, a "gift" so to speak. It's human nature. We don't like to work for...  well, most anything.

And yet we find... More

That is NOT Normal

1/22/2018 in Category


According to, "normal" is support; love and caring for other family members; providing security and a sense of belonging; open communication;... More

11 Is a Big Deal

12/21/2017 in Category

What's So Big About #11?

As the end of 2017 approaches, and many are planning to give year-end gifts, you should know what the BIG DEAL is about the Number 11.

Last month a local West... More

Can you give me a ride?

12/11/2017 in Category

Braydon approached C.J., our West Ottawa Campus Life Director, and asked if he could give him a ride home from school. It was still the middle of the school day so C.J. asked why he needed to... More