Learning to Trust

June 9, 2021


Learning to Trust

Kia, a YFC student, shares her story about learning to trust God a little more each day.

Hi my name is Kia. This is my story. 

I grew up in a house with my mom. My dad went to jail when I was four. That was part of the reason I think I was so angry. My mom did drugs till I was about 14. I always had people in and out of the house that I didn’t even know. My aunt would hurt me but I felt like I couldn’t share that with anyone. When I was about 12, I got shipped to New York for a few months. I thought I would be visiting family members there, but it turns out I got passed from home to home, and I got placed in foster care. 

When I came back to Michigan, life was the same. Then one night, it got bad. My aunt was screaming at me, and my mom didn’t stick up for me. We both got kicked out of the house. My mom had a place to go, but I didn’t. I ended up sitting at an abandoned church on 11th. I was angry at God. I felt abandoned. I prayed, but things never got better. I poured out my heart to God but I never felt he was there. 

Then I got a text. It was Holly, my brother’s ex-wife. We talked on the phone and I shared what was going on, and the next day I had a home. I still live with Holly and it’s been over a year now. 

I saw that text from Holly as a sign that God was real and he answered my prayer. Last year at school, I was invited to Bible Club by a friend and I went because I heard there was food. I didn’t expect to like Bible Club because I thought they would be too strict and stuck up. But it turned out that the leaders were kind, understanding, and they cared about us. We were only two or three weeks in and I decided to follow Jesus. I saw my leader Ron’s passion for God and the purpose his life had. I decided that I wanted to have a relationship like that with God. 

I think that everyone expects a drastic change after being saved where God appears to you and he shows you the way. I didn’t have that drastic change. But I did start talking to God every day reading my Bible. I’m part of Campus Life every week and I’m in a discipleship group with my leaders and best friends.

Little by little I’m learning to trust God with more of my life each day. 

Before, I never wanted to hear about other people’s problems because I thought I had it so much worse than everyone, but now I care about people and want to hear their stories so that I can support them and love them. My friends and I were always close, but now that we are all following God we are closer on a new level. Now we share even the hardest parts of our life with each other and pray for one another. 

I’m so grateful for the things God has done in my life and I grow closer to him each and every day.