4 Students Baptized After Camp!

August 7, 2023


One month ago, we loaded up and headed to Minnesota to take part in a summer camp with 6 other YFC chapters around the nation. Two Byron Center girls chose to attend simply by being invited by their friend who went the previous year. I had not met them before and this was going to be their first Campus Life related experience! They were a little uncertain of what they got themselves into when they arrived at camp. However, it was awesome to see them opening up and having more fun as the week progressed. These two girls were in a cabin with other girls who shared very different stories than theirs. It was great for them to gain perspective into their own lives as they learned about others. By the end f the week, both girls made commitments to follow Jesus. Not only that, but the girls were baptized a few weeks after returning from camp with a few other students as well! We praise God for what He did in their lives at camp and we look forward to growing with them in the future!