This is the most socially engaged, yet emotionally detached generation.

Students face some of live’s most pivotal moments as teens; moments that can shape their entire story and guide the rest of their lives. They are navigating these crucial years without the guidance of trusted adults. 

Our goal is to position West Michigan Youth for Christ to connect 5,000 teens aged 11-19 with a caring, godly adults. 

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Heart of YFC

40% of students

in West Michigan have no one to talk to and feel left out.

58% of teens

in West Michigan are "unchurched". That's over 70,000 young people.

We are changing that.

You can too!

A young person's sense of belonging goes through a trusted adult. A small step can lead to large impact.


Youth for Christ connects students who often feel overlooked with adults who meet them where they are, building relationships at pivotal omens in students' lives. Teens don't need another program or another experience. The best way to impact the next generation is through a one-on-one relationship with a caring, godly adult.



We have currently raised 89% of a $6.7 Million Capacity Campaign. Financial partners are needed to grow, sustain, and expand ministry in our West Michigan region in order to reach the 11-19 year olds and connect them with trusted adults.

Together, we can reach 5,000 unchurched teens in our area, year-over-year, and raise up a generation of lifelong believers.


The next generation needs adults to advocate for them.

The next generation needs someone to fight for truth.

The next generation needs a champion in their life.

The next generation needs YOU.



As we approach the last year of this 3-year campaign, we are asking current giving partners to consider giving an over-and-above gift toward this campaign as we begin to roll out our initiatives. If you are a potential new giving partner and would like more information about linking arms with Youth for Christ in the Champions Campaign, please reach out to our Executive Assistant, Jenna, at As we continue to invite more people into this life-changing campaign, will you consider what your role may be? Together, we can reach 5,000 unchurched teens in our area, year-over-year, and raise up a generation of lifelong believers!


Joe Stowell, Author & Former President of Cornerstone University

“Like never before, our youth are facing pressures to yield to influences that lead to a host of debilitating effects on their lives. Thankfully, West Michigan Youth for Christ steps into their world and offers a safe and hospitable place where they can discover the good news that they can flourish in life, in spite of the pressures with Jesus as their Savior, friend and guide. Hats off to Dan and his team for loving these kids and raising a new generation to influence their world for Christ and His Kingdom.”

Nancy Deboer, State Representative & Former Mayor at City of Holland

“West Michigan Youth for Christ is a great orgnaization that helps students find real answers to life’s real questions in the context of authentic, selfless love.”

Mike Veach, Lead Pastor at Kentwood Community Church

“I strongly recommend West Michigan Youth for Christ. Their goal of reaching the unchurched students is critical in the day in which we live. If you are looking for an organization that is making a difference in the lives of students in West Michigan, you have found it in WMYFC.”


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