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Fill in the blank. Most of us would rather get something handed to us for free, a "gift" so to speak. It's human nature. We don't like to work for...  well, most anything.

And yet we find ourselves judging others who hold signs "Will Work For Food". You know what unchecked thoughts go through your head. 

Let's turn it around for a minute. Did you know there are kids involved with West Michigan Youth for Christ who will work for camp? For retreats? For events? Recently 7 students raked 7 yards and worked more than 40 man hours to earn money for Winter Camp. Many more are willing to work to earn money for YFC Camp this summer. 

For the students who sit alone at lunch. For those without a lunch. For those who don't want to go home. For those who have no home. WMYFC reaches out and gives them hope - the "Good News" of Jesus - and allows them to understand friendship and "family".

Contact us at [email protected] if you have work you'd like to offer to our kids who WILL WORK FOR... Thank you in advance for providing an opportunity for kids to have another experience with leaders and volunteers who are loving them to Jesus.



For ALL the kids,

Dan Kregel
Executive Director, WMYFC

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