Where Do I Belong

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Union High School is full of immigrant and refugee students who feel lonely, isolated, and depressed. Why am I here? How did my life turn out this way?  

Recently, an administrator shared with WMYFC's Union Campus Life Director, Jon Blahnik, that a couple of students were really struggling in school behaviorally. As it turns out, both of those kids had just gotten involved with Campus Life in the past two weeks! The toughest and most difficult kids are the ones we're after! 

You can imagine relationships grow slowly with this student demographic due to language barriers, but as their English improves, the relationship skyrockets because we’ve already shown love and developed trust - without words!

Relationship is why Armando* came to Jon last night when he was feeling like he wanted to end his life. They looked at his identity in Christ as opposed what the world has been communicating to him.

Relationship is why Jose*, after graduating and finishing Army boot camp, is calling - because he feels his life is meaningless and he knows he needs Jesus, but doesn’t know the next steps to take.

Relationship is why Andre*, a former Union student, comes back when his marriage is crumbling - because he has no other godly men in his life to offer guidance.

Relationships don’t "just happen", and they certainly don’t stop when a student graduates from high school. We walk with kids through joy and mess throughout life. We are there, pointing them to Jesus, the ONE relationship that will satisfy.

For ALL the kids,
Dan Kregel
Executive Director, WMYFC

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