Sand Castles, Connections, and God’s Kingdom

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We are the nearing the end of camp with only two days left. We have really seen the team start to connect as a whole and with the Polish kids which has been great to see. Yesterday was builder day where we all dressed up as construction men or women and we played several games with this theme. One of the fun things we got to do with this is go down to the beach with everyone and amongst our team we tried to build the best sand castle. It was fun to hangout and work as a team with the Polish kids. As the week has gone on we have also had the opportunity to grow and connect with our small groups. It has been a great time to talk about our troubles, bring our prayer requests, and connect with our groups. Martyna is a Polish girl in one of our small groups, and she is here at this camp against her parents will as they are non-believers. It is amazing to see because she has said that when she returns home her parents will not slow her down in her walk with Christ, but rather she will stay strong and positive and will pour into her parents lives hoping to have an impact on them. We ask that you would pray for this situation for this girl, Martyna.

Another great way to connect this week has been through the breakout sessions in which we play sports, do crafts, and other fun things with the kids. The kids from Poland have loved this and anytime we have free time they always want to play basketball or frisbee. The other day Bryce played basketball with some of the kids for close to three hours. Karly and Parker have had the opportunity to lead a discipleship class this week to help some of the kids grow, they have seen the number of attendees grow just about each day. Please pray for this class that it would continue to go well, that God would give Karly and Parker the words to speak, and God would use it to move in these kids and our own lives.

Several of the kids at the camp have said that there favorite part of the camp is the sessions, which is awesome! Dan had the privilege of speaking both in the morning and evening yesterday. His evening message was very moving and great for many of the kids as it was about God having a purpose for each and everyone of us. So we ask that you would pray for not only the kids but us as well that God would reveal these purposes in each and everyone one of our lives. During small group time after this message one of the guy small groups really opened up and started talking about what God might have in store for each of us, and one of the guys starting tearing up and saying how he had lost his job three weeks ago, and he said how positive this message was for him as he knows God has great plans for him and this is part of his plan. Please pray for this young man that God would give him the strength to fight through this tough time and that God would reveal his purpose to him. Tonight is a big night at camp as the sermon tonight is the invitation and asking to join God’s kingdom. So we ask that you please pray that God would move tonight and many people would come to know him through us, this sermon, or whatever it may take. As camp is coming to a close we want to thank you for your continued support and prayer toward our team, the Polish team, and the Polish kids.


From Bryce and Cayden

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