“Michael’s” Story

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“Michael’s” Story

   "I will always be looking out for you!"

   "Well you won't be able to find me... because I'm gonna hide."

   "It really doesn't matter, I'll still look out for you...and I bet you won't hide for too long!"

This mini conversation was had a year ago between Michael and his middle school Campus Life director as he hid under a lost and found table in the school cafeteria. Michael had told her time and time again that he was going to move or get locked up and she always reminded him that she’d have someone looking out for him.

Michael is the kid with his hood up and a grumpy look on his face. He hates school and has a story filled with loss, self-harm, and a lack of good influences. During the two years that his director was with him in middle school, she worked to continually be present in his life and engage in conversation even though she only saw him in the school cafeteria. Towards the end of his eighth grade year, Michael told her that he would be moving to Holland High School in the fall.

“Have no fear Michael,” she exclaimed. “We’ve got an awesome Campus Life leader there too!” Michael rolled his eyes in disbelief but sure enough the Holland Campus Life director found him on day one of his freshman year and picked up where his previous director had left off.

For the entire school year his new leader engaged in conversations with him and invited him to Campus Life club. Michael consistently turned down the offer, but at the last Club of the year the director was sitting around a table with some other students and felt a tap on his shoulder. As he turned around he saw Michael standing at Club for the very first time. The director immediately called the Crossroads director and they all three celebrated the fact that he had taken a step and shown up!

But the story does not end there. The director knew that Club was ending and that Michael needed more time and space to talk about God. So he set out to get him to YFC Camp. Through conversations with his mom, his leader is now tutoring Michael twice a week so that he’ll pass summer school and be able to attend high school camp. Both of Michael’s leaders believe this time will be completely transformative and are praying that God will do a mighty work in his life.

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