Half Full And Half Empty

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The YFC STORIES Event is 3 WEEKS away and already it is nearly HALF FULL! We are excited to share STORIES on Nov. 13 with people like you who have a heart for hurting teens in West Michigan. (Read IS THIS REALLY JUST THE BEGINNING? below).

However, HALF FULL is also HALF EMPTY, which means there is LIMITED space yet for you to sign up! Don't wait too long. When the event is FULL, there will be no more room to accept registrations.

This event is free to attend. YFC President, Dan Wolgemuth, will provide a presentation, and later in the evening you will be given an opportunity to support the ministry of West Michigan Youth for Christ. Additionally, Hors d'oeuvres and dessert will be served. RSVP here to guarantee your spot from 7-8:30pm at the Prince Conference Center, 1800 East Beltline Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.

WMYFC would like to thank the following STORIES Sponsors:
Betten Chevrolet, Veurinks' RV Center, Zeeland Vision,
Lakeshore Employee Benefits, and Kuyper College     

Cole has been coming to club consistently for the past four weeks. He seems like a really great kid who has it all together. He came to Rockford Campus Life at the invitation of another student and he keeps coming back.

One night Cole hung around after Campus Life to help my volunteers and me stack and reset about 100 chairs. As we were resetting the chairs, I took the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with Cole. I found out he has a job, and he works a huge number of hours for a high school student. The reason why quickly became apparent. 

Cole comes from a home where his parents are separated and they both live with disabilities. He is in a position where he needs to help make ends meet. I didn't want to push Cole for more information than he was ready to share, but I did want him to understand that I, and the other Campus Life volunteers, care. We continued chatting, but soon Cole said he didn't want to talk about it any more.

Throughout the next week I found myself thinking about that conversation and praying for Cole. At Campus Life we love all students no matter what they may be dealing with or what their backgrounds are. The perception that all residents of certain school districts are "wealthy" is not an accurate one. We know that Jesus offers us hope in the darkest of circumstances and we get to help bring that light to hurting students at RHS.

Yes, this IS just the beginning!

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