Great First Day of Camp!

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Here is a quick update from two of our team members:

Thank you to everyone for your constant prayers for our team and the Polish kids here at camp. We arrived to Poland on Saturday evening and had some time to spend with just the Polish team. We were able to connect and bond with them before the campers arrived on Sunday afternoon. The campers are now here and the camp is in full swing. We had our first message last night from a Polish speaker and then got to spend some times meeting with our assigned small groups mixed with Americans and Poles. Today we have a busy day of breakouts, free time, small group time, and messages. So please pray for a good week in which God would move and that this would be a life changing trip. 

From Cayden & Bryce


Plus check out some of the pictues on the WMYFC Facebook Page.  (You must like our page in order to see them)

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