God’s Plan and Waffles

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Relationships are already being formed. Monday was a great first day of camp with the students. Our team started to get more in the routine of the camp, and we started to operate on a schedule. Our team is still suffering from some jet-lag and exhaustion, so we could use your prayers for energy. We started the breakout sessions yesterday, and continued them today. They have included wiffleball, ultimate frisbee, jewelry making, headband making, creating paper flowers, capture the flag, and making t shirt bags. Also on Monday, one of our team members, Carly had the opportunity to share her testimony in front of everyone. Her testimony was very encouraging and moving for many of the students and leaders at the camp. After the testimony, Dan was able to preach to the whole group on two different paths we can take, Gods Plan or the path of destruction. We then were able to talk with our small groups about the message, this was a great time to just interact and grow closer with the Polish team. Us Americans then got some time to hang out with just our group as we went in to town to get shakes and Gofry (Polish Waffle). We then headed for bed as we were tired from our first full day of camp. So we ask that you would please continue to pray that God would give us strength, energy, and courage to finish out the camp strong. 

We are in full swing as the third day of camp began today. We are already almost half way done with camp. Today we had our American team meeting in the morning, which is a great time to connect and pray with our team. Breakfast was next, then we had our morning bible study in which Dan was able to teach again. He taught on Philippians 1:27-30, and it was another powerful message by Dan. After we had some more time to connect with our small groups. Today was one of our three theme days, and it was Farmer day today. So with that we all dressed as farmers and played some games in the field. It was a fun time to just connect and have fun with the Polish kids. In the afternoon, we started the breakout sessions but due to rain we had some struggles with this and spent most our time playing board games inside. Please continue to pray for our team and this week that God would continue to work and that we would get a good rest tonight, as Jet-leg is till hanging on with many of our team members. 


By Cayden & Bryce


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