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(These two kids are not a part of any gangs, both of them are Junior Volunteers in the City Life Ministry.)

Getting help from Gang Leaders

West Michigan Youth for Christ has appointed me to build and grow the inner city ministry in the Southeast Side of Grand Rapids.  Currently I am in a season of planning and design. I have been thinking a lot about how to build up God's Kingdom in the city and how to make a lasting impact. It's like building a house.
Before someone starts to build a house they make sure they have a proper design, have all the resources, and bring all the experts in to help build it.  Doing all these things will help the house to hold up for multiple generations.  I am trying to do the same thing as I start to develop City Life Ministry. I am designing, gathering resources, and bringing the experts in to help so that the impact will last for years and years to come.  A key question I ask myself is, "Where are the experts?  Do I start looking in colleges? Do I start asking the people who have been in the ministry for many years?  Do I start with people who have a lot power and money in the community?” Although those are good places to start, experts aren’t always in high places. Because one of my main missions is to reach the lost, the broken, and the least I should probably recruit the most lost and the least to be a part of my team. They are the experts at what the broken in the community are going through and need.  The people I plan to recruit, train, and equip to become future leaders in the ministry are the high school dropouts, drug dealers, gang leaders, neighborhood leaders, the fatherless, and the bullied.

- Donny Irving
City Life Director

Southtown Music Video

City Life Music Video from West Michigan Youth for Christ on Vimeo.

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