11 Is a Big Deal

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What's So Big About #11?

As the end of 2017 approaches, and many are planning to give year-end gifts, you should know what the BIG DEAL is about the Number 11.

Last month a local West Michigan news station, WZZM-TV, ran a feature story on the top 45 charities in Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa counties. With information compiled by charitynavigator.org, the leading website for evaluating the performance of non-profits across the country, these charities were ranked by ratings provided to WZZM. 

According to charitynavigator.org, West Michigan Youth for Christ ranked  #11 as a Top Rated Charity in West Michigan! You can give confidently to WMYFC knowing this organization has been recognized for its commitment to accountability and transparency.


My First Time

as shared by Campus Life Director, Jon Blahnik

I remember 5 years ago when I tried to "sell" summer camp for the first time. I had eight refugee students in the group, and I asked, “Has anyone been to camp before?". Every hand went up. In that moment I realized my mistake. Their idea of ‘camp’ involved fencing, barb wire, little or no food, plenty of violence, and no hope. My experience of ‘camp’ was at a different end of the spectrum than theirs as refugees.

Fast forward to last weekend when we took 27 students from Union High School to Winter Camp. Every one of them took a step closer to Christ through our speaker, through opening up in small groups, or simply through the peace and safety with leaders who love them. Many Muslim students engaged with stories about Jesus, others heard the Gospel in the context of a loving, safe place, and Christian students took further steps on their journey with Jesus.

Thank You

Thank you for generously giving to the ministry of West Michigan Youth for Christ. From helping send kids to a "real" camp, to allowing individual ministry sites to take place, to every aspect in between, we are grateful for your partnership at year-end and throughout the whole year.

Merry Christmas!
Dan Kregel, Executive Director  

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