West Michigan Youth for Christ hopes to reach teens in a variety of area juvenile justice facilities. Our goal is to raise up life-long followers of Jesus, who lead by their godliness in lifestyle. This requires a balance of the physical, emotional, mental and devotional aspects of their lives. We are working towards mentor relationships that are sustained through involvement with them as they re-enter their communities.

What are JJM’s focus points?

1. Balanced Programming - Using preaching, teaching, Bible study, small group programming and personal mentoring, we seek to meet the physical, emotional, mental and devotional needs in a young person’s life.

2. Frequent Connections - We enter into a youth’s world frequently and in persistent ways while he/she is involved with the juvenile justice system, to build healthy relationships which model Christ-like behavior.

3. One-to-one Contacts – We meet with individuals inside detentions to provide personal attention and to focus on their specific needs. We follow up with personal calls to them and their parent/guardian. We do this with correspondence with those in placements.

4. Aftercare - We seek to create systems and structures that will sustain a relationship with JJM teens so they can enter their community and a church successfully.


For more information about Juvenile Justice Ministries, or to get involved, contact Dan Chapin, JJM Director.