History of Youth for Christ


Youth for Christ has had a distinctive history of youth evangelism. In the early 1940s, during World War II, many young men, mostly ministers and evangelists, were holding large rallies in Canada, England and the United States. As the hunger for God's Word grew it became evident that there needed to be someone to coordinate this movement, providing leadership, strategy, and coordinating speakers, musicians and locations. Beginning in Chicago, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, and other cities at the end of World War II, YFC quickly organized into a national movement.  Billy Graham became YFC's first full-time staff member.

Starting with Saturday night youth rallies in the late 1950s and early 1960s, YFC's ministry methodology turned to Bible Clubs in the late 50s and 60s.  It was in this period of ministry that the concept of teen to teen evangelism was born.  Then in the middle sixties and early seventies Campus Life and Campus Life/M ministries to high school and middle school youth began to be the thrust of YFC ministry. 

Throughout YFC's history there has been an unwavering commitment to youth evangelism and biblical Christianity.  One of YFC's slogans over the past fifty years has been "Anchored to the Rock, Geared to the Times" the message of the gospel will never change and YFC is flexible to creatively communicate this message of hope, grace and love in the context of different cultural settings.


West Michigan Youth for Christ is a chartered member of Youth for Christ/USA.  YFC/USA serves students locally across the nation in over 175 cities and communities around the country. For more information visit YFC USA www.yfc.net

YFC International

YFC/USA is a chartered program of Youth for Christ International. Over 1500 paid staff members and 15,000 volunteers serve in over 100 countries around the world. As a part of the YFC/USA commitment to serve the world, Project Serve provides overseas short-term mission opportunities. In addition, well over 100 YFC staff members from the U.S. have ministry assignments with YFC programs in other nations as part of YFC/USA's World Outreach Division. For more information visit YFC International www.yfci.org