Billy Graham“Youth for Christ came into being as a result of a conversation that Torrey Johnson and I had while fishing off the coast of Florida in late 1944. He had the vision and the plans in his mind of what could be done, and he asked if I could join with him and become the first associate and evangelist. It was my privilege to be the first full-time employee of Youth for Christ. The goal in those days was to reach not only young people, but also our servicemen who were on leave from wars. It grew rapidly, and thousands of young people came to Christ. After 60+ years, Youth for Christ continues to communicate the life changing message of Jesus Christ to our youth before it’s too late. We have been fortunate through the years to touch millions of lives and today, more than ever, we need to continue our quest to reach the lost youth around the world.

The harvest fields are riper, the grain is thicker, and the instruments that technology has provided are sharper. I see no reason why we could not touch the entire youth population of the world with the good news of the Gospel… let’s make that our goal!”

Billy Graham


“I am an enthusiastic supporter of the ministry of Youth for Christ. I have seen the work first hand, particularly among troubled inner-city youths, where YFC for years has been rescuing lost kids.”

Charles Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries


“Like lots of kids in my town, I attended Youth for Christ when I was growing up. It fanned my spiritual flames during my chaotic high school years. In fact, I know it helped shape much of what led us to start Willow Creek and helped give me a vision for lost people.”

Bill Hybels, Sr. Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church


“My association with Youth for Christ is deeply in my family’s history since my father was their first full-time employee. I have also seen personally the long-term affects of their ministry here in the United States and around the world. Today’s young person is in great peril and we desperately need organizations like Youth for Christ to bring them the message of Christ’s truth, love and hope.”

Anne Graham Lotz


“Thank God for Youth for Christ. Over sixty years of ministry shows faithfulness to God, loyalty to the Scripture, and compassion in ministry. The Kingdom of God is greater because of Youth for Christ.”

Josh McDowell


“Youth for Christ has been a faithful and bold ally of the Church. Our world needs Youth for Christ to be propelled into the future with the same devotion it has shown in the past.”

R.C. Sproul, President
Ligonier Ministries


“It was Youth for Christ that reached me in high school. I will ever be thankful for the caring adults who were praying and giving so that I might make the most important decision of my life.”

Roger Cross, past President
Youth for Christ/USA


“There is no doubt that Youth for Christ has been the most significant movement of its time. It has been an instrument in the hands of God to reach multiplied hundreds of thousands of young people for Christ. It has also been the source of implanting in those young people a great vision to keep the light shining and to reach others for Christ. Thousands upon thousands have enrolled in the service of Christ because of the initial challenge that they received in the outreach of Youth for Christ.”

David Breese, President
Christian Destiny, Inc.