Unified Underground


Unified Underground’s goal is to exist within every underground subcultural community worldwide. To share the message of Christ to all who will listen. To unite Christians within the underground tribes. To lead through unity, so that the youth we impact may know Jesus as Lord.


Even though subcultures are stronger in cities, they are spread across the world in small villages and even in small farm communities. Unified Underground has spent years in each subculture working tirelessly to build community and develop a reputation for bearing the name of Christ, but also for being guardians of these scenes as true members of these subcultures—not imposters. We don’t reach people for Christ with the expectation that they will leave their subcultures; we hope to show our friends and family within these subcultures the truth we have found. Inviting them to come on this journey with us, in turn they live out their newfound faith in the subculture, reaching others for Christ.


For more information about Unified Underground, or to get involved, contact Shaun Weldon, Unified Underground Director.