Each year, one of the biggest events we do is take kids to YFC Camp. For the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of kids desiring to go. Since the cost of camp is out of reach for most of the kids we serve, we want to help them get there through our Camp Scholarship Program. Our goal this year is to raise $65,000 to help kids who want to go to camp.

Shelby, an 8th grade student, attended YFC Camp for the first time last year. On the fourth night of camp the whole group sat in a circle sharing what they had written in their letter to God. Shelby read the following from her letter: “I guess I’ve always wanted a relationship with you…but I’ve never felt good enough.” Many of the girls nodded in agreement as she read. This had been the overall topic of the week for the girls: not feeling good enough to be able to have a relationship with God. However, one thing that had changed in Shelby’s mind since the beginning of the week was that she was willing to at least "give God a shot." Shelby's letter concluded with her writing how she wanted to try to pursue a relationship with God and see where things went from there. She later told her leader that she was hoping God could be someone she could confide all of her feelings and thoughts in. She was assured that He would have no trouble in listening!

The kids of West Michigan need your help more than ever. As we approach this camp season, your gift today will go a long way in giving life to a kids story at camp.



Mail your gift to:
WMYFC Donation Processing Center
P.O. Box 2121 Holland, MI 49422
Please make checks payable to WMYFC and designate gift to YFC Camp.